Terms & Conditons (pdf file for download - 460k)

1. LIABILITY: We are responsible ONLY for our own NEGLIGENCE. We assume no responsibility for loss or damage to goods caused by deterioration, an act of GOD, an act of government, or any other cause beyond our control. Our responsibility is strictly limited to $.30 per pound per article, or no more than $50.00 per article, whichever is LESS.
2. INSURANCE: At your request the company will procurre insurance coverage for your benefit. You must state the FULL VALUE of the property to be moved. Otherwise the company will be liable for ONLY the LOSS times the PERCENTAGE of the value insured divided by the total value of the entire amount moved. This coverage has a deductible.
3. VALUABLES: We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the contents of drawers, containers, or other items of a similar nature that are NOT PACKED by our employees. Further, we are NOT RESPONSIBLE in anyway for CASH, jewelry, securities, documents, or other items of extraordinary value, even when packed by our employees. These items are moved by the company at the SHIPPER'S RISK, unless specifically listed, inventoried, and documented in advance and adequate protection for same has been secured
4. FRAGILES: We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to fragile items unless we are paid to PACK AND UNPACK them. These items include but are not limited to glass, china, marble, mirrors, lampshades, slate, pictures, etc.
5. APPLIANCES: We recommend that all appliances be inspected and serviced, by a qualified service company, for safe movement. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to the mechanical functioning parts whether or not insurance is purchased. These itams include, but are not limited to PIANOS, WASHERS, DRYERS, TELEVISIONS, REFRIGERATORS, ETC.
6. CLAIMS: All items shall be inspected by shipper at the completion of the move. Any claims of damage or non-delivery must be made in writing within 5 days of completion of the move, and must be accompanied by a PAID IN FULL receipt of all charges. The company shall have the right to INSPECT AND REPAIR any damaged articles and it shall be the sole discretion of this company, with the advice of a qualified repairman, as to whether an alleged damaged article should be repaired, replaced or the shipper paid cash compensation.
8. SERVICES: Our services are provided on an HOURLY BASIS. You will be charged for the actual time it takes to complete the move. You will be charged from the time we LEAVE our office, until the estimated time we RETURN to our office. The time you are charged will be ROUNDED UP to the next QUARTER HOUR.
9. CONTRACT: When you agree to these terms this shall become a contract for services at the stated rates and will represent the entire agreememt of the parties hereto. It shall apply to all additional services rendered by the company for the shipper as well. Only the company owner has the power and authority to modify the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this contract, even then, ONLY IN WRITING. The company will not be bound by ANY other promise or representation

Terms & Conditons (pdf file)

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