Q: How many Estimates should I get?

A: DH recommends at least two, but no more than three. All estimates should be in-person and on-site. They should also be in writing and on company letterhead or forms. Phone estimates or e-mail estimates are notoriously inaccurate. Also, much of your decision on who to choose should be based on your impressions of the salespeople who show up to meet you. Are they on-time, look professional etc. Your decision should never be solely based on whose price is lowest. Many other factors are equally, if not MORE important. Be sure to give each candidate the same information regarding your move; what goes, what stays, what you will move yourself, what unusual circumstances are to be found at the destination etc. That way, you can "compare apples to apples" when you look over the estimates.

Q: How much notice do I have to give my mover?

A: The simple answer is... as much as possible. As soon as you know your moving date, contact and schedule DH Moving & Storage for that date. The sooner you "book" with us, the more likely you are to get the date you wish to have. Many times we are able to do a move on very short notice, but there are also times when we become fully booked four or five weeks in advance! This is especially important during the spring and summer months, our "peak-seasons", so call as early as you can.

Q: Do we have to empty dresser drawers?

A: There is no concrete answer to this one. Common sense must come into play. With smaller, short dressers, clothes and light articles may remain in the drawers. ALL Breakables and Valuables should ALWAYS be removed from dressers. In general, the larger "triple" dressers or "high-boy" pieces should be completely emptied. It is faster ( $ ) and easier to maneuver furniture that is empty. More importantly, it is Safer for the furniture as well as the crew.

Q: Does DH Moving & Storage work on weekends?

A: Yes, we work on Saturdays and at our normal rates, too. However, working on Sundays is rare, and almost always at premium rates.

Q: Is our Estimate binding?

A: Generally, NO. An estimate is just that... an estimate! However, assuming a DH representative did your estimate on-site, ( not by phone or e-mail ), the numbers should be quite accurate as long as the 'scope of work" remains the same. (Please refer to our "Terms and Conditions" form.)

Q: What types of insurance coverage does DH offer?

A: DH Moving & Storage offers two basic types of coverage, and the shipper (customer) must pick ONE and sign for that type before the move can begin.

1) Limited Liability: This is very basic coverage and costs the shipper nothing extra. Under this coverage, your mover is only Legally Responsible for thirty cents ($0.30) per pound per article, or $50.00 per article, whichever is LESS. In truth, this option is like not being insured at all. *****

2) Full Value: This coverage comes at a cost of $6.00 per $1,000.00 of valuation. It covers the actual cost to repair or replace a damaged item. There is usually a deductible. The shipper must declare the valuation of the entire shipment, and the amount of coverage you wish to purchase. (Please refer to our "Terms and Conditions" form.)*****

***** Before deciding to purchase insurance coverage or not through your mover, DH recommends that you consult your Homeowners Insurance agent to see if that policy covers your belongings during your move. If not, ask if you can purchase a "rider" which will cover the move, and at what cost. Then compare the different policies and costs and go with the coverage you are most comfortable with. Either way, DH recommends being fully insured during your entire move.

Q: If we pack our own boxes, is the mover responsible for their contents?

A: In general, NO. ***** DH is responsible for the contents of boxes only if paid to pack them. However, DH personnel will still move and handle all of your belongings with care and consideration. If we feel that a box or its contents are in danger, we will bring it to the shipper's attention, and we can either re-pack it for a fee, or the shipper can opt to transport that item themselves.

***** The exception to this rule is if and when the box itself is somehow damaged and this damage results in the contents being damaged, too.

Q: Do I need to be there during the entire move?

A: It is BEST if the shipper is present from start to finish. However, DH knows that this is not always possible or practical. Shippers have settlements, important errands to run, etc. AT THE VERY LEAST you should be there for the first hour or so to make sure the movers know what to take and what NOT to take. After that, if you must leave for a while, try to have a relative or a neighbor stay with the movers. Also, leave a cell phone number or pager number with our DH crew chief so he can contact you if necessary.

Q: Do I have to tip the movers?

A: You don't HAVE TO, no. However, if you feel the movers have done a good job, have been professional and courteous, and you are happy with their services, they WILL appreciate a tip. It is by no means required or necessary, but again, if you think they deserve it, the gesture is always nice. Shippers will also often buy lunch and or refreshments for the movers during the day to keep the crew energized and happy. The movers always appreciate this too. However, NEVER beer or alcohol. Not even after the move is complete, please.

Q: Are there items I should move myself? Or which DH will not move?

A: Absolutely!! Always take responsibility for your own Cash, Checkbooks, Jewelry, Passports, I.D. and License, Deeds, Settlement Papers, Securities, Wills, Family Heirlooms, Important Photos, Keys, Medicines, etc. Anything you consider to be "invaluable," which you CAN transport on your own, you SHOULD transport on your own! DH Moving & Storage will not be responsible for moving flammables or explosives. Items such as gas cans, propane tanks, ammunitions, any firearms, aerosol products, etc. cannot go in our trucks with the rest of your possessions, and you should make alternative arrangements for moving them. Plants are another item which are best moved by the shipper.

Q: How and when do we pay the movers?

A: DH Moving and Storage, Inc. is a C.O.D. company. With few exceptions, we expect payment to be made, in full, upon completion of our services. The DH crew chief will write up an invoice, present it to you for your inspection and signature, and will ask for payment. (Please refer to our "Terms and Conditions" form)

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