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DH Moving Commercial Survey Form:

Please be SURE to fill out accurately ALL FIELDS before submitting:

Type of Move: Commercial
Dates of Service  
Packing (DATE)
Loading from Origin (DATE)
Unloading at Destination (DATE)
Submitted By: (NAME)
Company:(If a Commercial Move)
Contact Info  
Home Phone
E-Mail address
Cell Phone

Work Phone

Preferred contact method
Origin Info (moving from)  
Line 1
Line 2
Zip Code
Destination Info (moving to)  
Line 1
Line 2
Zip Code
Elevator at Origin Elevator at Destination
Steps at Origin Steps at destination
Unusual Factors at Origin Please Explain
Unusual Factors at Destination Please Explain
Moving From
Moving To
Commercial (Inventory)
Desks # of pieces   # of pieces
Desk Single Desk Double Pedestal
Desk Secretary (w/ Return)  
Chairs # of Pieces # of Pieces
Chair - Secretary Chair - Executive
Chair - Other


# of Pieces   # of Pieces
Bookcase - Large Bookcase - Medium
Bookcase - Small  
Bookcase - Other
Tables # of Pieces   # of Pieces
Table - Large Table - Medium
Table - Small Table - Drafting
Table - Sofa/End Table - Conference
Table - Folding  
Table - Other

Filing Cabinets

# of Pieces   # of Pieces
FC - 4 Drwr Vertical FC - 2 Drwr Vertical
FC - 5 Drwr Lateral FC - 4 Drwr Lateral
FC - 3 Drwr Lateral FC - 2 Drwr Lateral
FC - Flat / Drafting  
FC - Other
Copiers / Printers # of Pieces   # of Pieces
Copier/Printer - Large Copier/Printer - Medium
Copier/Printer - Small  
Copier/Printer - Other
Computers # of Pieces # of Pieces
Computer - Monitors Computer - Hard Drives
Computer - keyboard & Misc  
Computer - Other
Supply Cabinets # of Pieces   # of Pieces
Supply Cabinet - Large Supply Cabinet - Small
Cubicals/Partitions # of Pieces   # of Pieces
Cubical/Partition - # of Stations  
Trash Cans # of Pieces   # of Pieces
Trash cans  
Artwork / Glass Tops # of Pieces   # of Pieces
Artwork/Glass Top - Large Artwork/Glass Top - Medium
Artwork/Glass Top - Small  
Plants # of Pieces   # of Pieces
Miscellaneous # of Pieces   # of Pieces

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